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We have one of the best golf courses in the world that are maintained perfectly. It is absolutely flawless, and it is almost impossible to spot any flaws.

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We have a golf course that are available in many parts of the world. Each of our golf course is perfectly maintained and is exceptional in every aspect.

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This is the best golf course that I have ever played. They are perfectly maintained, and you have all the facilities that you need.


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We also provide lessons to junior golf enthusiasts with experienced professionals to develop their interest and make a carrier in the sport.

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With simple procedures book a lesson and get trained by the professionals in this amazing sport.

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Golf tips

Golf tips for beginners

Well, if you have chosen to pursue the classiest of all sports, kudos to you! The number of people taking up golf is increasing by the day – not that golf is meant for all, but yes, the takers of this elegant sport are rocketing. And if you’re one of those rookies struggling to get […]

Best Golf Courses

Best Golf Courses in New York

Golf –the elegant, classy sport with passionate lovers all across the world! And if you’re based or holidaying in New York, why deprive yourself of playing this wonderful sport? And just so you can play the sport whenever you wish to, here’s a list of the best Golf Courses all around New York – read on!

  1. Bethpage State Park GC:
    This golf course has the privilege to host numerous golf tournaments throughout the year, and has made its name in the acclaimed list of renowned golf courses in the world due to this! The best part about Bethpage is that it’s bussing with activity all around the year – so whenever you go here, it’s either to play golf to your heart’s content or to watch other pro golfers sportingly playing the game!
  2. Friar’s Head Golf Club:FriarsHead9
    The variety that this golf course offers is what impresses the most – you’ve got holes in dunes, potato fields, lush green meadows – you name it, and it’s here! And although they’ve just started out, this golf course has already created a buzz in the international golf circuit for a challenging and exciting course. So what are you waiting for? All your fellow golfers are all out there breaking and creating new benchmarks for themselves and others in this vast, expansive golf course!
  3. Maidstone Club:
    This place has a unique charm of its own – you’ll notice the aura the minute you step in here! One of the oldest golf courses in the United States, the Maidstone Club is known for it’s challenging golf course, which is precisely what has brought it on every golfer’s dream bucket list!
  4. Hiland Park Country Club:Hiland Park Country Club:
    Around 6700 yards of a golf course, this golf course is not famous for no reason! It is an 18-hole golf course, with an impressive slope rate of 130! And as if these reasons aren’t enough, the stunning views in the Hiland Park Country club are simple a cherry on the cake! A well-known name among the list of famous golf courses, you have to fix a date with this beauty!
  5. Hudson National Golf Club:
    This one should get it’s brownie points for the beautiful, panoramic views it has to offer! Hudson National Golf Course revels in the colors of nature and is a paradise for golfers around the world. And yes, you guessed it right – it has been named after the beautiful Hudson River, the best views of which you’ll bet right at this golf course!